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In the Very Heart of Belgrade

Weather you are looking to buy your own place or investing in one of the hottest property destination in Europe, Belgrade is certainly the right choice.

Recently the Capital of Serbia has attracted the attention of several real estate foreign investors looking for properties in attractive location of the city center.

Huge return on the Investment and relevant capital appreciation represent the reasons of this growing interest for the local real estate market.

Through the years we have carefully selected a signature property porfolio composed by 5 luxury apartments and 1 boutique office located in the most prestigious spots of the very city center.
Each unit has been carefully renovated and furnished in accordante with prime european standard, taking the maximum advantage of the indoor spaces so to increase both the profitability of the investment and the pleasure of the stay.

Buying these properties means:
– Securing a stable asset
– Receiving a high year yields (coming from the rental business)
– Gaining a great capital appreciation in a short period of time
– Having chance to live Belgrade at the top


  • Vibrant modern city with a huge history
  • Ideal geographic position in the very center of Europe
  • Business and Expat relocation hub of the South-Eastern Europe
  • Among the hottest european emerging property market
  • Affordable Luxury in the center of Europe
  • Growing economy
  • Booming construction and touristic industry
  • Ongoing ambitious infrastructure city urban plans
  • Stable banking system keen to finance R.E. New Projects
  • Low tax and light burocracy

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